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Silme of Old

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New Westminster, BC, ca
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I used to be just Silme, but that old ezboard account is so old I can't get into it, no matter how many time I answer all those silly questions it still won't let me for some reason, so here I am with a new account. I can also be found under my semi-professional online handle TheWeeJenny, which goes quite nicely with my website theweejenny.net. :) Yeah I know it's confusing, but it took me a while to give up on getting into my old account, thus the posting as theweejenny for all this time. If you're one of my Loony pals from back in the day (or even just this past week) feel free to give me a shout anytime. ^_^

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I spent two measly days out amongst humans (took the train to another part of town and everything!) and now I'm afflicted with nasty head coldsses.

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